I see the metal sheets stacked near the old bar

Those sheets that were the roof of my home

And the rotted boards that were the walls of my room

Now lying so still

If restructured, it would be a shack

                        But what it was, was my home

                        The metal roof and wood walls was where Mother and Daddy raised me

                                                Where we had hot soup for dinner, and slept under heavy quilts

The rain would hammer out its noise on the metal roof

                                                                        And the wind would blow through the wooden walls

But in the hands of Mother and Daddy, it was my home

Under the metal roof, Mother would read and Daddy would sing

                            And sometimes when she read, she would read from The Bible

                         And Daddy would hum to the words

It was under that metal roof where I first heard the name of Jesus

                           That name so precious to me now

It was between those wooden boards where Mother and Daddy heard me pray

                        That precious name into my heart

            Now as I stand and view the metal sheets and rotten boards

                        I can still hear my Mother cry and see my Daddy’s tears

As I asked Jesus into my life

That old shack is long gone, and Mother and Daddy have passes from this world

But from under that metal roof and between those wooden walls

Came something that will never pass, will never end . . .

            The eternal life with Jesus

I can leave this stack of sheet metal and walk away from these rotten boards

But I take with me the love that Mother and Daddy gave

And the love that I received from Jesus Christ

For from this sheet of metal and rotten boards, is built a mansion in Heaven

Where I'll join Mother and Daddy and all the Saints

In hearing God’s Word and singing His praises forever and ever

Thank you Lord for this stack of metal and for these rotten boards

                        May my house for my wife and my children be as blessed

May Your Holy Word and Your praises ring out

                                    For In this metal roof and rotten boards Your Word continues on


Thank You Dear Lord

For these metal sheets and rotten boards.


  Metal Sheets and Rotten Boards by Ronhales                                                                                                                                James 4:5

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