Provide to me O Lord sustenance.

As You provided to Aaron, so give me.

As You blessed the prophets, so bless me.

Thy Word is the promise,

My faith the ingredient.

My provision is abundantly filled from You, O Lord.



I just marvel in joy

At what the Lord does for us,

When we remain faithful and true to Him.

He will build us up to be righteous through Jesus Christ,

And all things will be given us.

I know our prayers are heard and answered,

And it is a joy to see our faith respond

From the power of the Lord.



I marvel at the mercies of the Lord.

I do not marvel in unbelief, but in belief!

You are great O God,

And I marvel in awe over You.

Thank you Lord Jesus for You are God,

And I will praise Your name forever.



Marvel by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                    Matthew 15:31

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