See the tips of the banner moving like the hands of a great orchestra leader,

Directing the wind here, then there, up and over, then down and still.

"Throw your might this way!"  "Cast your weight here!"

“Blow your breath where I point my arms, for my sign is ready to be read by all.”


And as The Maestro directs,

The faithful play out his cause,

And the flag waves on.


The crest of the waves move together in obedience to the arms of the director.

As clashing cymbals, their paths meet in perfect unison.

Wave after wave rolls in, then, the cymbals.

“Bring up the volume”, is the director’s call.

All our waiting for his nod.

Then, the cymbals.


And as The Maestro directs,

The faithful play out his cause,

And the waves clash on.


God has orchestrated all things.

He is The Director.

Every note to be played out is known to Him.

He stands before us, His arms raised ready.

But where are we?

The wind moves at His direction,

The seas roll at His call,

But where are His favored, where are we?


Do not be found sleeping in the orchestra of God,

Do not miss His cue.

God is The Director, The Maestro,

And He makes our calling clear.

Stay alert.

Keep your eyes on The Maestro, watch and listen for His call.

He will bring us together in perfect harmony.

Are you prepared?

Are you ready?

The Maestro has entered and called to us, His arms are raised for our direction.

R  E  A  D  Y …….. 


And as The Maestro directs,

His faithful play out to His purpose,

And His Saints go on.


Maestro by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                        Job 37:6-7

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