Reaching out and drawing near

Always committed, always dear

Never separated, never detached

Clinging on forever, perfectly matched


A common object of life taken so casual,

But canít we learn from the loyalty of a shadow?


The shadow is created from the light

Dependant solely on its strength and might

And even in darkness it wonít betray

Ever present, but on a slight delay


Unable to chose its place,

The shadow serves under grace


Can we be as loyal to Jesus as our shadow is to us?

For He is the light, and has overcome darkness

So that we may live and share His inheritance


Fall at His feet in outstretched submission

Give all we have in this one dimension


Then Jesus Christ will

Bless the loyalty

Learned from the shadow


As He takes us into

The peace and kingdom

Of His meadow


Loyalty of a Shadow by Ronhales                                                                                                                                          Isaiah 14:27

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