Lord, will You hold my hand?                                                How did it become so cold?

                                            Thereís no one else here right now,                                        Lord, why did You let go?

                                            So will You take my hand?                                                    Is it that I walk alone, without a companion, a friend?

                                            Cup it within Your palm,                                                        Through life, I believed I was guided, directed,

                                            Cover it, comfort it.                                                                Only to look around and find I am alone.

                                            Please Lord, Hold my hand.                                                    Do you see it Lord?

                                            It reaches out for my wife, my son, but touches only air.           Is it visible?

                                            Lord, take my hand, hold it, please                                          Should I wave it?

                                             How can it be so empty?                                                       Lord, why donít You take my hand?


I offered my hand, did you accept?

Did you follow Me when I called you?

I held and offered you springs of living water,

Did you drink?

When I bore the cross,

Did you remove the weight?

And did you stop the nails as they were driven through?


Your hand is not empty,

Stop pulling, and you will feel its fullness!

I never let you go!

You have always been held.


Now, take My hand.

Will you allow Me to hold yours?

Put it in my palm and never withdraw it?

Is it visible?

Do you see it?

Why donít you take it?


                                                Lord, will You hold my hand?                                            Walk with me,

                                                Lord, will You take my hand?                                            Hand in hand we will walk.

                                                Lord, will You let me take Your hand?                                You are my companion,

                                                It is there, outstretched, firm, and secure,                             You are my friend.

                                                Ready to be held.                                                                Hand in hand, it will never be empty,

                                                Can I reach it?                                                                    It will never be cold.

                                                Lord, You have my hand,                                                    It leads me.

                                                As I have yours.                                                                 I go where Your hand guides me.

                                                Grasp it, grip it, abide with me,                                            Always and forever.

Lord, You took my hand,

Will You draw me in

And take all of me?


Lord will You?



  Lord, Will You Hold My Hand by Ronhales                                                                                       Isaiah 41:13

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