Look to the skies, for the answer awaits you there.

Without hope, without faith, only darkness looms.

But in the unveiling, a newness and discovery of life appears.

Distance is unmeasured,

An expanse beyond the eyes to see.

Step back, a different look, and even more is unknown.

Beyond the scope of imagination,

What we donít know grows and grows.

No control is our lot.

We are offered no more.

Like leaves on a tree,

Which can not determine the growth of where they hang,

So we are.

Our boundary has been determined.

The earth is all we get.

It has been given to us.

And we have received it.

To the skies we watch.

To the skies we expect to receive more.

We look to the skies for our dreams,

And we dream for fulfillment of our hopes.

Christ is our hope for this earth.

Christ is our hope in the sky.

He came to this which He created,

And He returns from where He went.

Look no further than to His Word,

Which He secures on the world.

Find His Holy Spirit, which is here with us,

And then He will make Himself known to you.

By Him, your knowledge widens and your vision increases.

All things will be made known to you,

And everything created will be given to you.


When He returns, He returns from the sky.

Look to the skies, and the answers you seek will be found.

Look to Jesus Christ.

Watch the skies and be ready for His coming.

Out of the skies, like a blanket folding over you,

He will return.

Watch and be ready.

Look to the skies.

Jesus Christ is coming!


Look To The Skies by Ronhales                                                                                                                                               Psalm 130:6

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