Lonely times and lonely places,

We sometimes seek as destinies,

But itís there, weíll find Jesus,

When praying in sincerity.


Did you know He left Capernaum,

Though a ministry was there,

So all the lonely places, times,

He should bare?

He did that to follow His Fatherís will,

Yet, today, we think Heís not there still.

Donít you know that Jesus went into

Every lonely place and time,

In preparation to receive the lost and blind?

Thatís where He went to pray,

So if you go there,

You wonít be able to stay.


When you think youíre lost and blind,

And have found a lonely place or time,

Know youíll not be alone,

For Jesus is there,

To guide you home.



  Lonely Times And Lonely Places by Ronhales                                                                                            Matthew 4:23

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