Have you ever felt like suds in the water?

They come to nothing.

Their work was done

And now they wash away, dissipate, or rot.

Most useful at one time,

Suds in the water are now only a burden.


How does the saltiness get put back

Into salt that has lost its saltiness?

How do the suds in the water

Become useful again?


Sometimes, Lord,

I feel like those suds in the water.

Restore me, O God.

Put back the usefulness I once so enjoyed.

Cause me to flow with great fulfillment once again.

Only by Your hand dear Lord,

Can such a miracle occur.


Change my heart Lord Jesus,

Change me,

And donít allow me to become

Like suds in the water.



  Like Suds In The Water by Ronhales                                                                                                                       Psalm 22:15

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