L I F T E D 



So often occurs, the day grows weak,

And into the nightís grasp it crawls.

With a tiring sigh,

One last gleam,

Then purple to black it draws.

From invisible skies the moon breaks out.

Light across mountainís gold.

Then sculpted upon silvery hills,

It bursts upon rivers, lakes, streams

So bold.

But weak it is.

A rested sight.

No glory when compared.

For awe and wonder falls and limps,

Where seen a heart despair.

To laugh and sing no more,

Is a vision words can not tell,

For who can say theyíve seen,

Then spoke of Hell?


Look to these things of flesh

And in an instant they are gone.

But glory for Godís might and beauty,

Then watch a dayís new dawn.

Unmatched is Godís Kingdom,

His Heaven built for us.

Sights beyond all riches are found

Through His Son, Christ Jesus.


Now, this day prolongs,

Stretching itís waking hour.

For in time, another heart is lifted,

And nothing compares in Godís

Abundance and power.


Lifted by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                         Galatians 6:8

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