L E T ' S    R A C E




…as her eyes close, I hear her say, “I’ll race you home”.


A long time ago I knew we would love, she and I destined together from God above.

Behind her shield of a tough cowgirl, a heart burst forth with joy, tender but sure.

From the barn to the house, about 100 yards maybe,

She’d come to play and then yell, “race me”.

“Come on” she’d prod, “don’t be an old stone”, “race me”, she’d say,

“Come on, I’ll race you home”.

We’d pretend on the tractor, and hang from the rack,

And we’d hide in the trunk we found in the back.

We’d disrupt the cows heading to their stalls,

And then after that, “let’s race”, she’d call.

“Come on, race me, don’t be an old stone”, she’d say, “come on, I’ll race you home”.


I didn’t see her much during those high school years,

I got caught up in self-pity, and she shed my tears.

In college I heard she joined the Army, and at times I thought I heard her calling me.

She raised a family unto God who was blessing her;

I worked and played forgetting about all that we once were.

Decades came and nothing established by me would last,

And with her I learned that her husband had passed.

Then one day in church where I found God’s grace,

I felt a nudge and heard a voice say “hey man, wanna race?”


Our love merged us together in Jesus’ name,

And we married forever from what started in a game.

Now at the end of each day as our heads rest on the pillow,

She looks at me and says, “tomorrow, let’s race to the old willow”.

Someday I suppose when we’re old, but we’ll never be alone,

It may be as her eyes close I hear her say, “I’ll race you home!”

But until that day in God’s wondrous grace,

I’ll live my life with my wife, the girl who always said, “let’s race”.

“Come on, race me, don’t be an old stone”, she’d say, “come on, I’ll race you home”.



Let’s Race by Ronhales                                                                                                            Read:          Proverbs 20:24

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