L A S T I N G    P E A C E




Because I see,

I can see this valley and the growth of a new forest,

The birth of a lively calf in the herd of Elk,

And the nests of Morning Doves

Who sound their peaceful call that calms each soul who hears their voice.

But sight alone does not grant me peace,

Nor does the sound from a wild bird,

Or the feel of the falling rain upon my head.

That which I think is peace brought in by such revelations,

Is not a peace at all,

It is temporary, fleeing from me as I leave such vistas.

Therefore, do my eyes deceive me?

Does my ear betray me?

Are my senses dumb to the truth?

Oh Peace, how do I find your lasting grace?

Where is your forever solitude?

God is my joy!

 In Him find me forever!

My presentation only comes because He reigns,

And gives me to you.

Do not let me pass quickly and then be gone.

Know God, and hold me through eternity.

In Jesus, I am known.

Through Christ, I am given.

Seek the Word, the Son Jesus Christ,

And own me forever.

Now, close your eyes and pray for Jesus to come into your life,

And have real peace, Lasting Peace, revealed to you.

He will never leave you or forsake you.


This I will do.

The Peace I have sought, now fills me.

Peace fills my spirit, my soul, my life forever,

And His name is Jesus!

He is the Lasting Peace for whom I prayed!

Jesus is His name!



Lasting Peace by Ronhales                                                                                                                                 Psalm 85:10-11

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