JUNGLE    LOBBYHumid in the jungle lobby.

Tigers prowling by.

Drips from my forehead and drips from the leaves,

Swatting at the pestering fly.


Shirt wringing wet while standing in the bog,

Sun being blocked but the heat not,

Wishing for the days complaining about the fog.

Left the house upset over a hobby,

But all’s going to be well tonight,

When God shows up in the Jungle Lobby.


Backdoor ministry, enter from the parking lot.

Sanctuary’s closed but the lobby’s not.

Put aside the outside and step into the inside.

Jungle encroaching yet we’re as safe as at our bedside.

Commissioned in our task, God’s very own hand upon us,

We meet regularly to read the Bible and talk about Jesus.

So come and meet the guys, Edward, Jonathan and Bobby,

And join us in studying the Bible in this blessed church’s Jungle Lobby.


Rope in the echo,

Can’t figure out what’s what unless we hear what’s said.

So talk it up and open your ears,

The Holy Spirit is going to tell about Jesus being raised from the dead.

The Hippo’s splashing is really loud, and so is that Lion’s roar,

Pay close attention, they’re just beyond the lobby’s door.

But God’s Word is more important,

In fact you may even feel your knees go wobbly,

For here tonight the roof’s gonna shake,

When the men meet in the Jungle Lobby.


Come on and wipe your brow, swat that fly if you need,

Wring your shirt out and take off your shoes, then get set to read.

We’re solid now, even though our knees are wobbly,

For it’s plain to see were hearing God’s voice in the Jungle Lobby.

Yep, come on in, but don’t go too far,

We’re meeting in the lobby.

That’s right, join us right here, the jungle’s next door,

But we’re studying the Bible in the lobby, that is, the Jungle Lobby.      


Jungle Lobby by Ronhales                                                                                                      Read:         Deuteronomy 32:2

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