J O Y   R E T U R N S  



No more sorrow!

No more tears of sadness!

No more grief!

For God is here!!


God comes to me!

He has shown Himself!

And He delivers peace!

He carries happiness!

He hands out gifts of

Gladness and laughter!


Who can prevent this package

Of rejoicing from being opened?

Not even the greatest of Deceivers!


God is God!!

He has promised to replace

Sorrow with Joy!

And He has done it!!


Joy returns to me.

Peace is here.

Love is in my heart.

God has shown me His Son,

Jesus Christ.


In Him I rest.

In Him I find my fortress.

Contentment is my place.

Peace my home.

Love my life, through

Jesus Christ my Savior!


  Joy Returns by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                   Psalm 126:5

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