The beauty of this place, my eyes behold.

Yet, it does not fill me.

For my soul yearns for a greater fulfillment,

One that is not received in this world.

Created for this purpose, my eyes see

The things that were created to be seen.

Yet, because they are tied in flesh,

They are restricted to see only

What is capable in the flesh.

But my soul yearns for more.

My soul reaches for the hand

Of my spirit, and longs to be

One with the Spirit.

Then in spirit, I will come near

Him who is Spirit,

The Creator and Ruler of all things,

Things seen and unseen,

Things created and

Things of flesh and of this world.


From Spirit, Jesus Christ came into flesh

And this world.

And in death and His own resurrection,

He defeated things of the flesh

And this world,

Conquering all things,

And in doing so, creating a new life,

A new body, a new place,

For dwelling together with Him,

Forever and ever.

There is where my soul wants to be.

There is where my spirit longs for.

There is where my new body,

Joined together from created flesh

To Heavenly Spirit

And everlasting soul,

Where finally and eternally

The real and true beauty of God

Was created for us,

Will be seen and enjoyed

Forever and ever.


Joined Together by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                       Romans 8:13

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