We face the enemy as we walk through his camp every day;

We stagger and stumble on this path in our way;

And how many hardships are lifted up when we pray?

                                        But you know . . .

We’re going to be alright.


We’ve walked through the valley of the shadow of death;

The spear has pierced the side and taken our breath;

And did Adam even feel cursed before he had Seth?

                                        This I know . . .

We’re going to be alright.


God’s promised Himself that He’d make all things well;

It came to pass when Jesus destroyed the gates of Hell;

And won't the Holy Spirit in us this story continue to tell?

                                        So you see . . .

It’s going to be alright.


                                        It will be alright . . .

For we will pass through this stormy night. 

                                        It will be alright . . .

As the Son breaks a new dawn's light.

                                        It will be alright . . .

Just lift your cares to God's great might.

                                        It will be alright . . .

So extend this grace of Jesus so bright.

                                        And just know . . .

That everything’s

going to be

all right!


  It’s Going To Be Alright by Ronhales                                                                                                  Romans 5:19

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