A peace like this, who can give?

A calm like this, who can make?

Is a storm coming, is the Demon at hand?

Where is he then, for the waves are silent,

And the wind has ceased?


Am I on an island of rest?

The waves break, but do not draw up on me.

The wind is in the trees, but my shelter stands.

This is where the Lord has placed me,

On the Island of His Care.


From here I see His stillness, the quiet of His breath.

My ears hold His softness, His sweetness in His sound.

I lie in peace near the heart of my Lord,

On the Island of His Care.


The radiance of His warmth,

Binds me in His arms.

His fragrance fills my nostrils,

I relax in His touch.

The clouds demonstrate His glory,

The stars illustrate His reign.

And here I am,

With the Creator,

On the Island of His Care.


No where else to be;

No other place for me;

Here His peace Iíll share;

On this Island of His Care.


Island Of His Care by Ronhales                                                                                                                             Isaiah 42:10

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