Inscriptions on the wall and paintings reaching up so tall.

Drawings in the rocks and ancient words from our talk.

Donít we get it yet?

Out of basins and valleys,

From plateaus and alleys,

From the highest peak to the lowly and meek,

One language canít say it all,

Itís more than every book in every library hall.


The mysteries of a cometís thrust, the gift of someoneís trust.

The power in an earth-bound hand, the miracle in a grain of sand.

How can it be grasped, how can it all be known?

To God our created mind strives,

Beyond the universe we seek others who thrive,

Into our death we wonder, what comes of a life we blunder?

But yet we still donít get it.

Travel east to come from the west, and look to stone for our best.

When will we get it?  When will we realize our darkest way is already lit?


We have what we seek, weíre provided all answers,

There is nothing lost, for all mysteries are granted understanding. Get it? 

Have you gained faith to know all to be known?

The word of God answers more than manís total volume of communication.

In Christ all things are made known.

Through the Holy Spirit, unknown is revealed.

Is that plain speaking enough?

Jesus Christ is the only answer.

Still donít get it?

Seek Jesus out through the Word of God.  Now get it!

God is plain speaking in unfolding all answers to all questions.

Communicate with God through Jesus Christ,

And hear the answer to what is sought.

Now that is plain speaking!



Inscriptions And Plain Speaking by Ronhales                                                                                         Read:          Zechariah. 3:9

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