What it is to pray!

How can I describe it?

I can not,

Accept by saying nothing else is like it.



No place would I rather be, but in prayer.

I rest and abide in His reverence when Iím in prayer with Him.

My face covered in tears, bowed and bent before Him,

My body stretched low before Him,

        I enter into His presence with Him.


Prayer is the gateway, the room, the gathering and fulfillment

Of my God who surrounds me.

No place would I rather be, could I be;

For prayer is where I choose, prayer is what I decide.

In prayer I am with my Lord,

In prayer I am satisfied in Him.



Hallelujah to my God

Who knows me because of my prayer.


Thank You Lord.

For in prayer I know You.

Thank You Lord for prayer.


  In Prayer by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                      Psalm 143:8

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