IN   MY   ROOMI canít count the huge amount of squares in the design of the pillow case which covers the pillow resting upon my bed.

Nor can I understand the heart which so dutifully stitched the intricate pattern of the doily that spreads across the night table.

And just as immeasurable, I can not grasp and retain the shadow that grows up the wall as the sun travels into the day.

These things are found in my room near me, yet they are beyond me.

Within the confines of a few feet, I find that which I canít understand, measure, or hold.

How is it then that I would dream of ever knowing all things in and outside the universe?

Science pauses only briefly as it reveals itself over and over and over.  And what is this recurring effect upon us?  Do we evolve into greater beings?  Does science energize us into gods?  Will I someday know all things and be capable of removing time because man thinks he has climbed to the top of what science can give?  And what happens to the dust of me during the ions of millennia while this process cycles through its own momentum?


Here in my room as I ponder things, resides the answer to every and all thoughts, questions, or wonders ever conceived.

Within armís reach, set next to my lamp, is the secret of the past, present, and future of everything.

A miracle in itself, a glorification of all hopes, dreams, and desires, the establishment of who we are and what we will become, is right here in my room.

All of this is available to me here and now.

There is no answer asked for, except the right answer. And truth is found no where except in the One who knows all things.

Before the beginning and forever after the end has come, God is God.

God is the answer.

After speaking all things into being, He then came to live within His own creation.

He who will be, is, and has always been, speaks His truth of who He is and who we are from His written word, The Bible.

Nothing has existed or will exist forever other than the truth in His eternal word.

Dream, but wonder no more.  Ponder, but do not doubt.  Gaze, but know the glory of God.  Be in awe, but recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of God. 

Find all truth by knowing God, and know God through His Word, The Bible.


In my room I may think of who it might have been that painted these walls, but I rejoice knowing personally He who placed every star and every spec into the spaces of this incalculable universe.  For it is here in my room that I read The Bible and learn the secrets and the answers to all things. 


Pick one up and try it sometime.


You know what I mean!?



  In My Room by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                        Job 38:33

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