Nothing is like spending time with my Lord.

Day after day.

Year after year.

Time after time.

Imagine the day that will never end,

Spent with my Lord.

A sunrise which never ceases,

A noon day brightness that never fades,

And a glorious sunset that never grows dark.

What a beautiful day that will be!

Holding me tight,

I will weep one last time

As He turns my tears to a joy I never knew.

Upon Him, tears will be wiped away,

Exchanged instead for the full knowledge

And wonderful secrets of His love.


With a swipe of His arm

I will stand before His universal creation,

Revealed before me as my own.

By His word, a newness will be born,

As all things are changed.

Together, I will enjoy a peace never known.


Ever changing, never changing,

That great day of the Lord

Will soon burst upon us.

From never ending sunrise

To ever glowing sunset,

That perfect day is coming.

By Him, He rises.

In Him, He shines forever.

Through Him, a glory never ends.

Are you ready?

Surely we will be,

For it will be our eternity.

For certain, and shortly to behold,

A day is coming in our Lord.

Imagine that.

Just imagine that great and glorious day!


  Imagine The Day by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                  Luke 17:24

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