Imagine the clouds without a silver lining

Imagine a rainbow without the promise

Imagine the seas without their depth

And imagine the praise without a worship


Where is the Lord in all of that?


Imagine the moon without its light

Imagine the sun without its warmth

Imagine the ears without a sound

And imagine the eyes without a sight


Where is God in all of this?


Imagine God did not exist

Imagine night without a day

Imagine pain without hope

Imagine life is not


But add God to your belief

And all things will follow


Imagine creation as the beauty of man

Imagine death cast out of life

Imagine sin exchanged for everlasting bliss

Then imagine all this

And Jesus too!


Where God is, is where I want to be!


Imagine by Ronhales                                                                                                                                 Proverbs 11:31

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