I'm   Certain




A bridge over sand I saw, as incredible as it may seem,

But the sand was filling and the wind was draining

The little coastal mountain stream.

An ocean bay at one time, at least it appeared that way,

But waves no longer play their game

Throughout the blissful day.


And a crescent moon against the bright daylight sky,

As incredible as it may seem,

Was also in this scene of mine, that I知 sure was not a dream.

And houses built upon the sea, at least it appeared that way,

For they rolled and tossed against the surf

In this large, but empty bay.


The hillsides flowed like the waterfalls, as incredible as it may seem,

And the daffodils rolled together like homemade cookies and cream.

And from the trees fell rocks of gold, at least it appeared that way,

As I now noticed all sort of uncertainties

Happening around this bay.


Roads that lead nowhere, and people without a home.

Traffic buzzing like Bumblebees, but just making circles as they roam.

Stores without doors, and windows that glared,

If this place is real, shouldn稚 I feel the least bit scared?


But, you know, wherever it is I go, and no matter what I should see,

God has brought me here,

And it is for Him I知 here,

And not for me.

So if the Lord wants me in a place where bridges are built over sand,

I値l praise Him for it,

For I知 certain of this,

I will always be within

His perfect, masterful plan.


I知 Certain by Ronhales                                                                                                                                      Psalm 4:3

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