I wish I could fly

For then I would see what the Angels see


Birds under my feet swimming through the seas of clouds

Patterns for harvest sculptured as the farmer plows


Tips of diamonds that must look like mountains below

Emeralds for the hilltops and blue sapphires that flow


But can the eyes through an Angel

True peace impart?


For even an Angel can’t see

What’s in the heart!


Some wonder and search

For those things beyond knowledge of self


Books are the source and sometimes we go to the stars

Some may even look in a glass of wine at bars


When will we learn that the Bible’s story is true?

Jesus, the Son of God, is who makes our life new!


God sees the heart

And through Jesus

Takes away pride


With those eyes, we’ll find peace

As He makes us His bride


I Wish I Could Fly by Ronhales                                                                                               John 20:30-31

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