I   WAS   'NOTHING'When I feel empty, my heart does not beat;

When my spirit shrinks, the blood of my veins retreat;

When my soul is rejected, my life burns with intense heat;

I am nothing without you, I can’t find peace in anything I do;

My paths are blocked, my world is rocked, and “nothing” is what I do,

For ‘Nothing’ I become without you.


Like glass shattered, I fall without hope;

As burned out fruit, I no longer can cope;

And unto gallows waiting, I’m tied in knots like a rope;

I am nothing without you, there is no peace in what I do;

My ship is dry-docked, my earthly wealth’s been hocked,

Nothing is all I can do, for ‘Nothing’ I become when I’m away from you.


‘Empty’ is my home, ‘vacant’ my state,

‘Void’ my country, and ‘the end’ the date.

My possessions are nothing,

My dreams are nothing,

My desires are nothing;

I have become ‘Nothing’ when I have nothing.

All that I am is what I do,

And I am ‘Nothing’ without you.


Turn me O Lord, turn me unto you,

Give me meaning once more, tell me what to do.

I am sorry, and I repent, please straighten out what I have bent.

There is greatness from You and Your love does fill,

‘Nothing’ is dissolved when favor becomes Your will.

Change me into ‘Something’, change me for Your good,

Take this ‘Nothing’ and make me what You would.


Once I was ‘Nothing’ but ‘Something’ I soon will be,

There is new hope, new blood, and a new life for me.

I was ‘Nothing’ but in You Dear Lord, ‘Something’ I am going to be.

Yes, maybe I was ‘Nothing’ once, but now ‘Something’ I will forever be.

I was ‘Nothing’, but now through You Lord Jesus,

‘Something’ is who I will always be.


I Was ‘Nothing’ by Ronhales                                                                                                              Read:          Psalm 16:2

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