I    W A N T    T O    B E






I want to be like Jesus.

As I walk along the road,

I want houses to open their windows and people shout:

“There goes a man like Jesus”.

As I stand in the city square,

I want all eyes to see me and every tongue to speak:

“There goes a man who walks with Jesus”.

And as I suffer upon my own cross, my crucifixion,

I want to hear my Savior’s voice say:

“Come unto me, you who walked as I walked,

who stood as I stood,

and who suffered for my sake.

Come unto me you who became like me”.


Yes, I want to be like Jesus,

So that I will be with Jesus in Heaven,

Serving Him in my new and eternal life

That He gave to me.


Yes, I want to be like Jesus.



  I Want To Be by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                         1 John 3:2

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