I    T H I N K    O F T E N




I think often of my life of old,

The things I have done, and of those things that have been told.

I think of what legacy I will leave,

If those that say goodbye will wonder, ponder, even cry, mourn or grieve.

It occurs to me that I will, like all things do, pass away from here,

And then I think, “Will I have given anything that was asked of me, have I cared?”

Time is a cup in one’s hand, life the filling of it.

Do we drink and be satisfied, or let it slip by like a fleeting spirit?


I think often of those gone before me,

The greatest ones, the many unknown ones, and those yet to be.

I ask myself, “Where are their lives?”

“Can I see them?  Are they here, or are they gone forever to echoing cries?”

Often I think of just floating away on the wind.

Is that where we all shall go, into an invisible end?

Thoughts, dreams and feelings often converge upon my mind,

Drifting leaves on a stream of passing mankind.


From a star high above, will I sit and watch the future unfold?

Has it all been played out in a story so many times told?

Am I known?  Have I always been known?  Will I always be known?

Or am I really just a rolling stone?

I think on these things for a season,

Hoping for a legacy, an existence, a reason.

Reality can not grasp the magnitude of living,

From earth or stars beyond, it’s more than man is capable of giving.


I think often of love within my heart.

Has it flourished, prospered, or ever given a brand new start?

What kind of love would that be like,

Forgiving, forgetting and making all things right?

No man created, including myself, could have such love,

Only a God in Heaven could do so much, His Son, His blood.

Yes, I think often of the legacy I’d like my life to be,

But I know it is only in Jesus,

Love, life, and forever will happen for you or for me.



I Think Often by Ronhales                                                                                                                                    1 John 4:16-17

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