I   T E L L   T O D A Y 




I can hardly see the sail as it slips away.

The ocean increases and the boat shrinks.

          Where is my Lord going?, is not for me to say,

          He gave living water, my soul now drinks.


My place is here, where The Legions once possessed,

From me, to swine, to destruction they ran.

In storm clouds and darkness I lived, but then confessed,

          That Jesus Christ was ruler of this land.


Sudden calming of stormy seas, was the first sign,

That a King was approaching to make war.

          His strength known by the many demons He did bind,

          And the chains that they had on me, He tore.


Id like to go with Him, but He told me to stay.

The story will be shared what He did here.

          And as I look for His return, I tell today,

          That even your soul, He is able to cure.



  I Tell Today by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                    Matthew 8:28-34

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