I pray for my wife, my son, my family.

I pray for my church, the leadership, the fellowship.

I pray for abundance, and I pray for strength.

I pray for victory through Jesus Christ, and I pray in repentance.

I pray for this country I live in, and I pray for Israel.

I pray for the saving grace of Jesus Christ in my community

And in Jerusalem.

I pray for the needs of others and I pray for the health of my friends.

I pray for my length of days and I pray for healing of our land.

I pray for a forgiving heart, and I pray that tenderness and mercy

Will be shown to me and that I give it to others.

I pray for endurance in trials and humbleness in triumph.

I pray that in all things at all times, I recognize Godís Hand is in it all,

And through His Son Jesus Christ, all His gifts of loving kindness is Forever.

Praise You Lord Jesus, I thank You for answering my cries.

I pray in honor to You dear God, and I thank You

For responding to my obedience to this special command to pray.


Pray all people!

Hear our prayers dear Lord!


Amen.  Amen. 


I Pray by Ronhales                                                                                                                  Read:               Zechariah 8:21

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