I  Long  For  You 



When Summerís sweetness blows through my soul,

I long for Israel

When the wind hastens the waves across the waters,

I long for Israel

When shouts raise up to a united roar,

I long for Israel


Come to the alter upon Moriah

Come to the mount so lifted up

Look upon the empty stone

And see the eternal spring of blood

No one is left, the sacrifice was made

Moriah is bare, the alter barren,

But its fruit flows forever


Come to the mountain

Come to the alter

See the trickling of the blood

See it cast a lasting shadow

Know that the Lamb has risen

But His sacrifice remains


In the evening ending to a grateful day,

I long for the Mountain

I long for the Alter

Upon a lifeís door closing over an unknown threshold,

I long to see Moriah

I long to see the Blood


To an alter empty, to a cross beheld

To a tomb deserted, the Christ was nailed

Sacrifice apparent, the blood is stained

Come to this mountain, where life is gained


My eyes retain this place, My heart has seen the act

O Israel I wake to thee, O Israel you hold this mount

How I long to see you again

How I long to gaze on Your Gift

How I long to share this glory

How I long for You


Come to your mountain, O Israel

Come to this blessed place

Receive this gift you hold, this Blessed Gift


Accept this empty alter on Mount Moriah

Accept the eternal flowing of the blood of Jesus

How I long for you O Israel

How I long for You



I Long For You by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                   Psalm 122:6

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