I   K N O W 




Again, I rely on the Lord

To bring me through another day.


I know He leads me upon His paths,

And places my feet, step by step,

Into His perfect will.


I know He is my strength,

My fortification,

The sword who defends and surrounds me

With His army of battle-ready angels.


I know He loves me and abides with me,

For He indwells me with His Holy Spirit.


I know He has my home prepared

Where someday I will spend eternity

In His presence,

Worshipping and praising Him forever,

Without ceasing.


And I know all this,

For I know Him by His Word,

His Son, Christ Jesus,

And by the everyday life He gives me.


I know my God, and He knows me,

Once again, in another day.



  I Know by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                   1 John 2:4-6

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