How do I write of Thy gifts to me?

Where are the words to describe

A cascading waterfall of the knowledge

Of who You are, Dear God,

As You pour Yourself over me?


No text can be written to rightly represent who You are to me.

No memory could hold all things You have given me.

No pictures can demonstrate,

No feelings can be released,

And no words can be given that could possibly fulfill

An explanation of what You have done for me.


The universe itself, and anything in it, separately

Or combined together can not hold who You are,

For You are The Creator,

The Builder Himself of what could be the means of describing who You are.

And the work of the maker, only in part, can tell of the maker.


Yes, Lord, no words can be written of Your complete greatness.

No words can be written that could, even in part,

Demonstrate the greatness You have poured out upon me.


You are God.

I love You.

And in that You love me, I just say,

“Thank You Dear God, Thank You.”



  I Just Say by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                Psalm 147:5

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