In the dying embers of a fire,

I tell you of my love


From the last beating of my heart,

I tell you of my love


At the cast of a falling star,

I tell you of my love


For it is with the last words I speak to you,

I give you my love


With the passing of eternity,

When the stars have flickered out,

When the earth can no longer turn,

And the sun has long grown cold,

The dying of this body will call

Love to you


For in life I have loved you,

So it is right then,

That as I die to this creation,

Just as everything else will pass away,

I die with love in my heart for you.


This love will last forever..

As into Thy kingdom I come.


  I Die With Love by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                       Ephesians 5:2

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