Far be it for me to judge…, however;

Far be it for me to say…, but listen;

Far be it for me to do…,lest I act therefore;

I complete me, no one else will do what I can,

I satisfy myself, and all I am, I am.


Deceive…, I couldn’t possibly;

Lie…, not on your life;

Hate…, I wouldn’t dream of it;

Question God…, are you kidding?

I am who I am, and you know me;

The life I live, I live for you, and you know me;

I am who I am, and all I am, I am.


Follow me…,what would it hurt?

Gain riches with me…, you know you will.

Do as I do…, and who cares what is said.

Come on…, gain this whole world, it’s within your free will to do.

Hell doesn’t exist and neither does Heaven,

And God is all about, but right here I am.

Don’t look elsewhere, for what will you find?

Here I am, and I mean, I am right here!


I am who I am, in me I complete.

Don’t mock God, let me!

I’ll be the one who suffers for you, don’t you believe?

Stop saying I’m not, for I don’t care,

Keep turning away, but I’ll still be here!

Devils are weak, but look at me, I’m the weakest!

My army you’ll never see, do you see me?

The powers I have however, I’ll give you, just wait and see.

I am who I am, don’t dismiss my words,

You’ll see me someday, or not;

I go where I please and I do the same,

I am who I am, and all is, is by what I am,

And by me I deserve what I got.

Yep, I deserve what I got!



 I Deserve What I Got by Ronhales                                                                                                                      Read:          Ephesians 5:6

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