I  Can't  Tell  You 



I can't tell you how the doves sing their song

Or how the water finds its path

I can‘t tell you the Hummingbird’s heart

Nor can I say why a baby laughs

I can't tell you how the mountains were formed

Or how the leaves appear so different

I can’t tell you the reason each flower is its own

Or why a “yes” can be my detriment

I can't tell you the tomorrows

And how they’re going to end

But I can tell you about Jesus

And how He became my friend

I can tell you about

How He healed my soul one day

Or the time He gave me His love

I can tell you what His hands feel like

When He descends on me from above

I can tell you about the sound

Of His voice in my ear

And let me tell you there’s no friend

Like Him, so close or so dear

I can't tell you why I wonder

About the self esteem in me

And I can’t tell you why I’m troubled

Over this world’s destiny

But I can tell you about how

My life is full of joy and peace

For it’s all about Jesus

Taking me out of Satan’s lease


I can't tell you how this story

Will end for you today

All I can tell you is that

Jesus is in my life to stay



  I Can’t Tell You by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                Psalm 116:6

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