I wait as God's hand combs the treetops.

I sit in the comfort of His caress.


As the Eagle drifts away,

And the Elk graze in the valley below,

I am surrounded by the confidence of His peace.

Listen to the trickling spring,

Hear the water moving delicately across the rock.

Like silk over skin, two become one.

Such is the pattern.

Without the tree, the bird wanders,

Without the crags, the coyote looms,

And without God, I am lost.


Let me stay and enjoy His presence.

Let me settle in this peace.

I see Him all around me,

And two must become one,

And I must be with my God.


Let the sun set, for then the stars appear.

Let the night rise, for the moon is the gift.

Let me stay, for as I wait, Godís presence surrounds me.

I am with Him, and two become one,

Then, I am satisfied.

I am satisfied

In waiting in the presence of my Lord.



I Am Satisfied by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                        Psalm 17:15

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