H O W   S O 



O God

How so loving You are.

How so forgiving and merciful.


Your anger is kindled by my sinning,

But You are appeased in the Sacrifice.


Lift me and appoint me to Your task.

I accept Your cup Lord Jesus.

I accept Your baptism.


In the strength and authority

Of Your Holy Spirit who rules in me,

O Lord, cause me to endure.


Call me up to sit upon the throne

O God

You have chosen me.


Your seed has fallen upon the garden

Prepared by hands strengthened by You.

The harvest is plenty and the seed is multiplied.

Continuing in Your strength,

I plow the field and the ground is tilled

To a rich soil.


O God

My work for You will soon be completed.

 Your work will soon be complete.

The workers You had chosen

Will reign with You forever.


O God

How so great You are.

How so loving is the Lord God Almighty.


How So by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                   Hosea 10:12

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