Your Word O Lord, I love.

You take me to the depths of despair,

Showing me the futility of my anguish.

You mock at my plight of pity,

You speak of the uselessness of my hardship.

What joy it brings me to know You know my heart!

You know my feelings, my frustrations.

And because You know,

You too feel the pains of my heart.

But because You are God,

You will lift me up and pour out my spoiled self,

Renewing me by the freshness of Thy Spirit.


Yes, O Lord, How I love Thy Word.

For in taking me to my depths of despair,

Your Word empties it,

Then cleanses me,

And carries me to the heights of Your throne.

All of this is by and in Your Word.

Thank You Lord God for Your Word.

How I love Your Word!



 How I Love Your Word by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                          1 John 2:5

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