H O L E S    O F    F I R E



From where I am, I look out and see my plight.

Dread and darkness encompass my soul.

I am surrounded by rocks within this crevice, where I have hidden.

Cowering down, I cover myself with my hands.

Dread and darkness encompass me.

“Fall upon me mighty stones!”

“I have lost, you have won!”

To a wilderness of blazing heat I peer from this hidden place.

Searing pain and overwhelming desolation await me.

No water for a thirsty mouth.  No drink upon dried lips.

If only grass to eat, I would gorge myself.

If only dead bones could be found, I would feast.

Forgotten and lost, I dry up and wither to the closing grip of the rocks around me.

Walled in by crags, fenced by the desert cactus,

Secured by the hand of death which allows no escape, a prisoner I remain.


Release me, O God, from these holes of fire, only you can rescue me.

If not by Your Hand would I be freed,

Then will my flesh shrivel and my bones forever bask to an unfeeling sun?

How have I come to this place?  What was my sentence?  Who was my Judge?

I am wrongfully accused, but rightfully found guilty.

Hear my plea, O God, and forgive my sin.

Pour out Your Springs of Living Water once again.

Pour Yourself out to me.  Nourish me.  Replenish my strength.

Lift my soul, O God, and renew my spirit.

Dread and darkness encompass me as I cower within this fear.

A cave so frightening is my home, impending doom my yard,

These holes of fire, my community.

Desert, waste, nothingness, is my only abundance.

Redeem me, O Lord.  Resurrect that which is lost.

Reach in and pluck me from this torment.

“Fall upon me mighty stones!”

“Crush me hovering rocks!”

Will not my trembling ever cease?

Will Your torment and wrath ever cease, O God?

Will Your wrath ever cease?


Holes Of Fire by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                      Isaiah 66:15

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