HIS   WHISPERING    SHOUTThe shadow under the barrier, will I rest here forever?

The water is rising and my strength is spent.

Yet, the barrier does not relent.

“Move away”, is my cry to hardened hearts,

Heard upon deafened ears.

The echo surpasses my falling tears.

Above me the barrier towers,

And the shadow looms around this place where I rest.

It is too big for me, it swallows my best.

The darkness encroaches upon me.

I can not flee.

The water laps at my feet,

My doom is near.

But a familiar sound is like a voice to me,

“Can’t you hear?”

I listen in my desperate state;

A voice soft in the panic of my mind calls out.

Steady at my place, I must respond to the whispering shout,

“But it’s too big.  I can not overcome it, the barrier is too big”.

Yet the quiet punch to my heart rocks me, “Die, or follow me!”

And as I succumb to the voice in my soul,

My spirit is filled with relief.

Then a way opens,

It is from my belief.

O God, You rolled the stone away through Jesus Christ,

And the escape from my anguish is made clear.

The path for me to take is near.

Leaving the shadow of my life, cast from a barrier unknown,

Stepping from the cave I hid from Thee,

I learn Your voice will find me, wherever I may flee.

Take me now beyond these waters and this barrier O Lord,

Your plan can not be cut short or resisted.

And Thank You Dear God, for You never gave up on me,

But just persisted.

I wondered of that whispering shout I finally heard,

The reason I gave up my earthly resting place,

By that declaration, quietly striking my heart, “Die, or follow me!”

But the whispering shout, it was always just a plainly speaking voice from Thee.


Praise God for His whispering shout!



His Whispering Shout by Ronhales                                                                                                                                Mark 1:17

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