How I love Godís Word!

How I seek His voice!

His Word comes from Him,

And His voice is carried by His Word.


Nothing sounds greater to my ears than His voice.

I love Matthew!

I love Ecclesiastes!

I love the Prophets, the Gospels,

And, oh, how I long to hear the Old Testament stories.

And the New Testament, I hear His voice in every word.

And Revelation,

Do you hear His voice in each word,

His prophetic voice,

His commanding voice,

His loving voice?


Hear the voice of God.

Read His Word!

His Word, The Holy Bible, is His voice,

The will and command of God.

Fill your ears.

Open your heart.

Hear the voice of God!



His Voice by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                         Psalm 95:7-9

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