H I S   L I G H T  



The leaves catch Your stillness, the quiet of Your sunrise.

Drops of water netted by their outstretched fingers.

A motion slowly caught to the moving dawn.

Can this be Your glory? Is there possibly more?

Who can stop the freshness of a new day?

Who can prevent the onslaught of the light?


Donít allow the full colors to run across the sky!

Trap them, and trap this unlimited view?

Are you able, or must you say you can not?

Then this is His glory, the glory of God!!


Into this world His glory shines.

More than the dawn, more than the brightness of a new day.

For His Son has come,

And with Him, an eternal dawn He brings.

His light is unstoppable.

It penetrates all of creation.


Recognize His rising.

See the evidence that He is here.

Watch the harvest grow under His watchful radiance.

Donít miss this dawn of the Son,

Donít sleep through this eternal rising.

Revel in His glory! Acknowledge His kinship!

Know that He is God!!


Suffer His peace to come over you,

Or suddenly, without warning,

It will envelop you in judgement,

If He is avoided and refused.


But marvel at this vastness, the great rising of the Son.

Shout hallelujah!

Shout and announce His entry,

For Jesus Christ appears!


Your presence is among us

Your day has come.

And You wait for our response

To the quiet rising of Your Son.


His Light by Ronhales                                                                                                         Psalm 94:16

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