In the cactus shade

The limbs of the palm lay,

And the sun races across the sky.

No man can understand

The strength in Godís Hand,

Or the love that within lies.


Upon this rock firm

Salvation is there learned,

And springs of living water do flow.

Wealth of God abundant,

No more must we hunt,

Resting in His green meadow.


Lord miraculous,

Our Savior Christ Jesus,

The Eternal Creator given.

Coming to earth for me,

A death He gave in glee,

In victory Heís risen.


Praise the Lord for shade

For there the weary lay,

And the glory of Godís in the sky.

His love forever stands

Guided by His Hand,

Forever in the green meadow we lie.


Forever in His green meadow we lie.



His Green Meadow by Ronhales                                                                                                                                Ezekiel 34:15

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