Close your eyes and dream your dreams

Catch the wind and paint the sky

Slow the tides and learn to fly

For nothing is what it seems


Houses bustling with an after glow

The lights go on, the lights go off

Not much of joy, at that do we scoff?

To where do these lives flow?


How do you turn something inside out?

Wavering here, wavering there

Nothing solid but the air?

Have to want that direct route!


Causing truth is no sure fire thing

Yes is yes, that is that

Just another legal spat

Accountability, who will bring?


One will come the prophets say

Maybe Heís here, maybe He has

Where's the proof to all the jazz?

He is God, building Heavenís way


Is faith blind, or just let's us see?

Believe in Jesus the Lord!

Weíre leaving this place, so get on board!

Eyes are opened by Godís precious key



Don't try to figure all things out

Reasoning leads to death

Where's the purpose for each breath?

Just allow God to add you to His count


His Count by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                    John 8:32


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