Sound of the sunrise. . . .Breaking the privacy of darkness.

Each inch invading the most hidden place.

With a flowing confidence,

Each leaf, each limb, while unaware, is totally overrun.

Unlike water, its course is unchanged.

Unlike molten rock, it cannot be blocked.

Guarded, it penetrates. Unplanted, it blossoms.

It cannot be destroyed. Indestructible, it moves forward.

Upward and over each hill, every mountain, it conquers.

Across the vast and mighty oceans it spreads,

Taking the seas into its palm.

Superior armies fall to it, unable to hold it back.

Great deserts cannot absorb it.

Nothing is kept from its path. Nothing can withstand it.


Praise God for His breath!

For every sunrise is the spreading of His breath upon the earth.

See the sweetness of Godís breath?

Feel the warmth of its surrounding touch?

God Almighty breathes His sunrise over us everyday.

He is eternal. Never changing. Never failing.

Breathe Him in. Receive His breath.

It is life to our bodies, and light to our souls.


Have you seen it? Do you bask in the sunrise?

Know then, that you have accepted the life-breath of God.

You have acknowledged His existence.

Praise Him! Worship Him and His Son.

Jesus Christ is the light of the world, and the hope of eternal life.

Breathe the breath of God. And Praise His Name!

Glory! Glory! Glory!


His Breath by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                                   2 Samuel 22:16

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