H E R O E S 


The army of the church has warriors in the field

The soldier willing to sacrifice life for the cross.

Fighting daily, the blood of Jesus overwhelms the enemy,

And the soldier is reinforced.


But loosed is the power of Hell, a vanquished foe advances.

The Defeated One conquers.

Warriors overthrown.  The battling surrender.

The enticement of sin is too strong.

The onslaught of wealth too mighty.

Turned is the humble.  Captured the godly. 

Satan’s grip closes around the church


“Bring the heroes”, is the cry from Heaven.

“Stand eternal you few.”

And to that call,

The hero stands,

And prays for friendly fire upon his own head.

“I am overran.  Protect Thy Bride.

Destroy the foe upon me.”


And for the few, the heroes in the field,

The Bride is saved,

The Church restored.

For God destroyed the Infiltrator

And the infiltrated,

All that was, and all that allowed.

They were defeated, destroyed as one enemy,

One army, one foe, Satan, God’s foe.


Those that stood alone that day,

A hero’s welcome they receive.

Honor and glory bestowed by Him

Who is called Honor and Glory.

Given all from the Creator of All,

The hero of the Bride is rewarded,

With eternal life in the presence

Of the Savior.


Hallelujah to the Lord.

Hallelujah to the Lord!



  Heroes by Ronhales                                                                                                              Revelation 2:4-7

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