We have a way, and by Godís Hand it is secure.

Draw me into the valley O Lord,

Where the springs abound and the fruit is plentiful;

Where Your light shines over me and darkness never seeps in.

Place me in Thy hidden place shaped for me,

Into the rock formed through the ages for this time.

I will sing beside the river which passes,

The wonders of Thy love,

And I will praise You here in this place of comfort given me.

Let the trees that line the trail lift up their voices in echo,

And may all creation rejoice in Your presence.

Here under the ridges of Thy rock, I live;

Here I work and worship You O God;

This is the place Your Hand has made for me;

Here I rest and abide in You,

Where the hills have stopped their movement,

And all is at peace.

Glory to God under the ridges of His rock.

Praise the Name of The God Most High.


Here I Rest by Ronhales                                                                                                                                        Read:          Psalm 116:7

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