H E R   K I S S E S 




Her voice is racing, Her heart is throbbing

Her eyes are fixed on Him


She is so anxious, She staggers with trembling

She falls to submission at His feet


By sin she was known, In forgiveness received

Her tears kindled His love


Her kisses were constant, Her anointing not unnoticed

She was saved by her belief


Where is our love, What is devotion

Do we see our redemption in Him?


Where is excitement, Have we lost control

Is our humility to Him overwhelming?


Is Jesus Christ my Lord, Do I know Hes changed me

Have I felt His love upon me?


I will worship Him forever, I will pray without ceasing

His coming saved me and gave joy over abundantly


Praise Your Name O Lord

For You are surely God!



Her Kisses by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                        Luke 7:38

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