H E L M E T S 


Helmets of man taking their view of this world

Turning from side to side guarded as they swirl

From inside their hoods of metal, eyes peer out

Sneering and greedy and proud without a doubt


Vigilant to a fault these helmets make a stand

Proud of their looks unaware theyíre just a man

On shoulders that boast with their puffed out chests

Are upon where these ornaments of metals rest


Do you see these helmets of pride when you look?

Donít allow them to put you on their hook

For they will capture you and crown you in lies

Donít desire heads that will soon cause you to die


But join those that praise the Lord through the eyes of the Son

For the helmet they wear is that of salvation

Come and praise the Lord in gratification

Stand solid with the Helmet of Salvation


Put all others aside and praise the Lord

Put on His Helmet of Salvation

And praise the Lord!


 Helmets by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                               Isaiah 59:16-19

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