HEAVEN'S   HONORED   ROLLAmong the crowds of Saints, I find myself standing;

The blessed ones of Jesus at peace, no more demanding.

Surrounded by an uncountable throng, I rejoice;

For here I am inside Heavenís shore, finding Jesus was the right choice.

Robes of white, bright like freshly laid snow, adorn souls of so many;

And jeweled crowns on richly dressed, ďWhat a glorious harvest of plenty!Ē.

And before this great sea of Saints, which the vastness earthly seas envy,

Is the throne of God, eternal and supreme, unlike anything seen by me.


At the dawning of this new day, where His light eternal rises,

His voice commands the angels to present Heavenly-earned prizes.

Quiet is the multitudes; silent is the masses,

And as a name is called,

The Saints separate and gaze in wonder while the chosen one passes.

To a throne he is guided, a seat given at the Kingís side,

All of Godís Kingdom with the Lord forever, heíll reside.

Each voice sings out.  Every Saint glorifies Godís decision.

For honor in Heaven is the great reward of an earthly lifeís revision.


To Jesus all praise is given, Heís our sacrificed Lamb.

To Him we raise our song.  Before Him, by Him we will forever stand.

Silence again as a new name is called before the Lord of Hosts,

And another Saint passes through the throngs of applauds and toasts.

Time and again our God rewards an unsuspecting, humbled soul.

And to the joys of all,

Another surprised Faithful, answers the call to Heavenís Honored Roll.

Near our Lord God Almighty, suspended by the majesty, near His own Righteous Chair,

Are the seats of these honored, the oneís God has declared.


One remaining to be filled, it seems, a final seat distantly seen.

And while silence falls to all,

Hearts are calm, waiting the resurgence on the wave of another joyous scream.

And before anotherís name announced, the humbled life to which Heíll call,

His eyes rest on me, and the life I gave for Him becomes the most surprised Saint of all.

The masses divide like waters as my new name in Heaven is heard.

It is of Jesus, by Him and through Him, that such a Kingdomís place is assured.

While I join the Saints of glory, we celebrate Jesus, the Redeemer of our soul,

And then I see other thrones, and know they too will be revealed,

For God calls each Saint to His Heavenís Honored Roll.



  Heavenís Honored Roll by Ronhales                                                                                                            2 Timothy 4:8

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