Let’s take a walk.

You know where we’ll go.

It’ll take us to our favorite place,

Where life passes so slow.

Under the canopy of trees that grow,

Will be just one trail taken

As we make our leisurely stroll.


See it in your mind,

Each step this day.

Pressures run and stress hides,

While sweet imagination

Takes us along a peaceful way.

Skip with me as we laugh and play,

Then into a restful love we’ll find

Our perfect place to stay.


So come now

And take a walk with me.

In your heart could you think

Of a better place to be?

Hold my hand

And you will surely see,

That life becomes a Heavenly Walk,

When done as a child with Thee.



Heavenly Walk by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                       Psalm 143:8

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